Hey Heidi: Jennifer discusses beginning of her career at KSDK

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - She is as much a part of St. Louis mornings as a cup of coffee. A class act who since 1979 has informed and entertained St. Louis viewers whether she meant to or not.

"Oh I forgot we're on TV," she says in an old clip laughing while anchoring.

Jennifer Blome first came to KSDK as a weather girl.

"When I was the weather girl, as it was called at the time, we had magnetic clouds and suns and cold fronts and warm fronts," Blome points out.

For the next couple of years she tried to convince management she should anchor, a plea that fell on deaf ears, but mother nature stepped in to help in 1982 when she dumped 13 inches of snow on St. Louis.

"So I got up in the morning looked outside burst into tears and started walking into work. It was six miles, but I got a ride thank you Dr. Kutten and your wife and I was the only one who showed up at work so I got to anchor," Blome explains.

The rest is history, though; thanks to waking up in the middle of the night it's a rather blurry history.

"I can't remember," Blome says after asked what she remembers about that first show.

When the station decided to start Today in St. Louis in 1982 she was chosen to anchor it and in 89 she was joined by a young sportscaster by the name of Art Holliday.

"Oh, the first time Art and I started laughing we thought we were going to get fired. We hid in the studio and then we kind of walked out and looked around and saw that nobody noticed," Blome says.

Well nobody at the station maybe, viewers loved it.

"We had a switchboard operator at the time and she was taking a lot of calls from people who were saying oh so she's not a snob after all and he's not uptight and we were like well okay let's just be ourselves," Blome explains.

That's what they did for 22 years and in between the serious stories and the outburst of laughter she shared her passion for dogs.

"I'm a social worker at heart, I've always been concerned about animal welfare and enjoyed doing the stories on supports dogs, senior connections all these fantastic groups in St. Louis who do work for animals," she goes on to say.

So Today in St. Louis isn't going to the dogs, but Jennifer is and what she leaves behind is a legacy of love.

"I feel very lucky that I have had this long career and now get a second start with something that I'm really passionate about. I think it's proof to everybody that you can have a second or third go at it career wise," Blome adds.


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