'X-Men: Days of Future Past' balances past, future and mutants

(KSDK) - Be prepared for an incredible time-travel ride (and updated history lesson) in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

The new flick mashes together the original "X-Men" trilogy, Wolverine and the prequel trilogy to the point that everything that you think you know, you might not. In fact, this movie is probably the best of the entire franchise.

"Days of Future Past" is the perfect title because it ties up loose ends, confusing plot twists and characters and puts that knowledge base to work in this movie.

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The movie showcases X-Men favorites such as Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, and of course, Professor X and Magneto in a fight for survival against the Sentinels in the future – how far in the future is not yet determined. The only way to save the future and the mutants is to (you guessed it) head back to the past and change history. Wolverine goes back in time to the 1970s, which is 10 years later after the "First Class" to do just that.

From that point on, the future hinges on every facet of what happens in the past.

This film is smart, well balanced and provides something not yet done previously in well-known trilogies – acting as a sequel and prequel in one movie. You can't watch a second of this movie without having put your eyeballs on the first X-Men trilogy, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," "The Wolverine" or "X-Men First Class."

It'd be like watching "Return of the Jedi" without having watched "A New Hope" in the "Star Wars" franchise, but this film presses the reset button on the "X-Men" franchise to literally change the course of mutant history and American history.

I've tried my best not to spoil this, but I have to say, St. Louis native Evan Peters, who plays Quicksilver, is probably one of highlights of the film. If you know anything about Quicksilver, then you better believe that his quickness, attitude and demeanor live up to the name. Plus, if you blink, you'll miss a cameo of Scarlet Witch.

The future also allows us to see some great new mutants such as War Path, Bishop, Sunspot and Blink.

The core of the story hugs at the evolution of Professor X, excuse me, Charles Xavier, and Magneto in the past decade and the obstacles they must overcome to "save" the future.

The anticipation of the past (young) Professor X meeting with the future (older) Professor X is all it's made out to be in the trailer.

Not to mention, James McAvoy's performance as Charles Xavier in his younger days is astonishing and captivating. Obviously not of the big award caliber, but riveting all the same. And Jennifer Lawrence really picks up some moves as Mystique.

Every single movie in this franchise has been made to get us to this movie, and this is the ultimate movie. However as this movie already shows, every action has a reaction, and this movie creates an apocalyptic reaction.


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