11 ways St. Louisans coped with the polar vortex

KSDK – There are lots of ways to brave the cold, and to make the best out of not-so-ideal conditions. Here are 11 examples:

11. A group in Louisiana, Mo. braved the cold to share an important message

10. One viewer spotted an elusive mythical creature

We found the elusive Yeti. Now, where the heck is Elvis?

9. Others invented new systems of measurement

Why go metric when you can go 'wine bottle?'

8. A brave few proved that golf is a sport for all seasons

7. Lots of people presumably ate bread and eggs

Why else were the grocery shelves empty?

6. Others marveled at the resilience of their patio furniture

Nice grillz.

5. (Almost) everyone wore weather-appropriate clothing

"Wearing shirts during polar vortexes is overrated" – Matthew McConaughey (note: there's no proof Matthew McConaughey has ever said this)

4. Some used their free time to innovate

3. Others knew that winter is the season for selfies

2. One woman was just born to run

1. The rest? They just handled the snow any way they could


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