29 reasons why people watched the 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show'

Almost 10 million Americans came together to watch the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," united in wonder and awe (and maybe a little bit of envy) as the company's angels strutted their stuff on a winter wonderland of a runway.

Here are 29 reasons why we think people watched:

1. Because the models made faces even better than Blue Steel (of "Zoolander" fame)

2. To learn that butterflies can in fact wear lingerie

3. Because soccer is the world's game

4. To listen to Neon Jungle

5. To watch models listen to Neon Jungle

6. To see smiley face balloons outside of the confines of grocery store displays

7. To see the person "Ice Ice Baby" was based on

8. To realize that there are worse ways to violate school dress codes than wearing short skirts

9. Because the White Witch from the "Chronicles of Narnia" rocks

10. Because Taylor Swift got a model fired

11. To wonder about what models talked about

12. Because they forgot to TiVo the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

13. To see jubilant poses

14. To see a 2000s emo band perform

15. Because it's a jungle out there

16. Because plaid is the new orange (which is the new black)

17. To imagine that the models are blowing kisses at you

18. And that feathers are a valid fashion statement

19. Seriously...these feathers are awesome

20. For proof that the peacock look can actually work

21. Even though it might make you green with envy

22. To pretend to be high-minded

23. For an excuse to listen to Hinder's classic power ballad "The Lips of an Angel"

24. For proof that Emojis are a viable fashion statement

25. To wonder what this giant smiley-face pin is thinking

26. To see a light-hat worn properly

27. To realize that heart balloons truly can make any outfit better

28. To see someone in red do "Blue Steel"

29. To hear Taylor Swift sing (LOL, JK)

Need more of a Victoria's Secret fix? Check out this photo gallery:


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