8 things to know about Andrew Garfield before he hosts SNL

KSDK - Actor Andrew Garfield reprises his role as Spiderman in the aptly named "Spiderman 2" and tonight, he tests out his comedic talents on Saturday Night Live (with musical guest Coldplay).

You can watch him hone his comedic talents tonight at 10:35 p.m.

1. He's not really British

Sure, he has what some folks would call a "sexy' British accent, but here's a little secret for you: Garfield was born in Los Angeles, but moved to England when he was three.

2. He's a Broadway actor

Right now you might know him for playing Spiderman, but he starred alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman (R.I.P.) in "Death of a Salesman"… and earned rave reviews!

3. He's friends with Matt Smith and Robert Pattison

Yup…he's friends with the Eleventh Doctor and Cedric Diggory (we're giving him the benefit of the doubt and not affiliating him with Twilight in this post).

4. He hates Hollywood parties.

Here's a quote: "Those events that look like so much fun in the photos you see-it's mostly people looking over their shoulders at everyone. They're miserable, those parties."

5. He's into reality TV.

"Whenever I'm not on stage I wanna watch reality television... I wanna watch, like, The Voice or The Bachelor... Don't be surprised by that -- it's the greatest show on TV!"

6. He's dating Emma Stone…but he's super private about it.

When a reporter confronted him about his relationship on the red carpet, he said "You're making an assumption about my personal life, and my personal life is not public property."

7. He once dressed up as Spiderman for Halloween

8. One of his favorite movies of all time is "Teen Wolf," starring Michael J. Fox


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