Alec Baldwin is heckled, tears up in testimony

In emotional testimony in New York, Alec Baldwin said Tuesday he and his accused stalker never had a sexual relationship, and called the onslaught of increasingly numerous voice mails and e-mails from her "nightmarish."

Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin, arrested in 2012 and charged with 23 counts of harassment and one of stalking, the New York Daily News reports, heckled Baldwin throughout his time on the stand, with the judge threatening to hold her in contempt if the outbursts continued.

Sabourin would leave up to 30 voice mails per night and sent hundreds of e-mails to the 55-year-old actor; they started out simply lovelorn and pleading, the Associated Press reports, but became increasingly threatening to the actor.

When Baldwin denied the two had ever been romantically involved, Sabourin shouted, "You're lying!"

Sabourin maintains that she and the actor had a romantic fling in 2010, and says her attempts to contact him now are only for closure, according to the AP.

And when Baldwin teared up recounting the day last year that Sabourin showed up uninvited to his East Hampton home — "I ran to tell my wife not to go near the door because I wasn't sure if she had a gun or a weapon or where we were at this point, and then I called the East Hampton police," he said — Sabourin yelled, "Why is he crying?" according to the Daily News.

Baldwin also said he felt "extremely, extremely, extremely threatened," reports WNBC's Andrew Siff, when Sabourin showed up at his house.

Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, she says she was "terrified" that day, according to Siff.

Baldwin and Sabourin met on the set of The Adventures of Pluto Nash in 2002, and Baldwin says he had a meal with her as a favor to a friend and also gave her advice on acting classes, the AP reports.

Outside the courtroom, Baldwin appeared to be in the volatile state that's come to be expected from the actor.

Before taking the stand to testify against Sabourin, he had some choice words for a paparazzo he recognized outside of the building.

"You're a liar," Baldwin snarled, the Daily News reports.

And when he exited the building, he said to the same photographer, "I hope you choke to death.


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