Behind the scenes of 'The Blacklist'

NEW YORK – Monday night on "The Blacklist," Elizabeth Keen uncovered one of Red's darkest secrets.

NewsChannel 5's Heidi Glaus recently traveled to the show's set in New York City to uncover a couple of behind the scenes secrets.

It's the show that week after week leaves us with more questions than answers, and apparently, we're not alone.

"Every time the script is given to me I'm as surprised by the new pieces of information as the audience," said Megan Boone.

It's up to Boone and the rest of the cast to turn that script into the twists and turns we tune in for.

"I don't think people really know, I certainly didn't, what goes into making a one hour drama it's kind of crazy," said Boone. "You see quick flashes. It's all edited together. It looks real slick and engaging and we're in the middle of a snow bank for 12 hours some days, so the glamour kind of wears off at times."

That's because a single episode takes about nine days of recording. Nine very long days.

"I think I work more now than I used to be awake during the day," said Boone.

Typically they shoot between five and eight scenes a day and since Boone is usually front and center she's busier than most. But these are days she doesn't take for granted because this is a role actor's dream about.

"It will be one of the defining, creative moments in my life," she said.

The cast told Heidi that the scripts are constantly changing, but one thing that you can count on is a few big surprises as season one wraps up.


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