Brothers Walker plan to pass on 'The Voice' lessons

BERNIE, Mo. - In a town of less 2,000 filled with the sounds of trucks and tractors, Clinton and Coty Walker add something rather different to the landscape of Bernie, Mo.

"Well, we're the only recording studio in town that's for sure," said Coty Walker.

The Walker Brothers Top Shelf Audio opened in January 2011 and the quick-witted twins have worked with nearly 100 artists since then.

"We don't want to just say here's your master copy see you later, we try to help them figure out how to sell their albums, we want to work on their marketing, their Facebook stuff," said Coty.

Of course in their spare time they're creating their own music and videos.

"We've been on a long journey even before 'The Voice' of really trying to grow our company and our music personally as musicians and song writers that's something that's never going to stop," said Clinton Walker.

Their time on "The Voice" was more than an unforgettable experience, it was a priceless education.

"I kind of had this mentality that we've been doing this for a long time how much better can we get, we've kind of hit our peak and not in a conceded way of we're the best, but just in a way of I don't see myself getting any better this is how good I am and in 30 minutes the voice flipped my world the first time we met with a vocal coach," said Coty.

Now they hope to pass on what they learned to other artists.


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