Catch up on Andy Samberg's best Digital Shorts before he hosts SNL

KSDK – Andy Samberg returns to Saturday Night Live tonight as a host. And while he was known for some good characters (ok…he mainly just played some version of himself), it's his digital shorts that made him a legend.

Here's a look at his 10 best. Be sure to catch Andy on SNL TONIGHT right after NewsChannel 5 at 10.

10. "Shy Ronnie"

In Shy Ronnie's defense, this is probably how most people would act around Rihanna.

9. "The Creep"

It's so creepy that Nicki Minaj makes an appearance.

8. "Threw It On The Ground"

I'm an addulllllttttt!!!

7. "Jack Sparrow"

Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island should be commended for making Michael Bolton cool again. Wow…that's not a sentence you expect to write.

6. "J*** In My Pants"

Don't get this stuck in your head.

5. "Like a Boss"

If you think your boss's life is great, watch this video, and think again.

4. "Motherlover"

Probably the worst Mother's Day idea ever. Or best.

3. "I'm on Boat"

Riding a boat has never been the same. And T-Pain has never been better.

2. "D*** in a Box"

Leave it to Andy Samberg to be the first to show the world that Justin Timberlake is hilarious. And to find new uses for gift boxes.

1. "Lazy Sunday"

The first, and still the best. So, who wants to see the Chronc (what?!) cles of Narnia?!


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