Catching Up with Farmington's Biggest Loser

FARMINGTON, Mo. - Jay Sheets has competed in countless rodeos, so he's no stranger to wild rides, but he recently experienced the ride of a lifetime.

"If you had said seven months ago that I could go run 12 miles I would have told you, you were crazy," said Sheets.

After four months on The Biggest Loser ranch, he's now 114 pounds lighter.

"I knew it would be hard, I didn't necessarily expect to get the results that I got," said Jay.

The time away was hard on everyone, especially his little boys.

"It was bitter sweet because some nights it would be like I really want dad to lose so he can come home," said Jay's wife, Julie.

But she kept them busy and captured it all on camera to keep Jay in the loop and when he finally returned October 5 there were more than a few surprises.

"It was shocking! You just had to keep looking at him like, 'Is that really my husband?'" she said.

Of course to keep it off, he immediately implemented what he learned on the ranch.

"I don't think it's far-fetched to say we've completely changed our lifestyle at home," Jay said.

"I'm down 47 pounds today, so we have made lots and lots of changes," said Julie.

Changes we can all make.

"I normally have about 250 to 300 calorie breakfast. It usually consist of maybe of cereal and half a banana or a couple of eggs," said Jay.

He suggests making realistic, reachable goals.

"In normal life you don't have six to eight hours a day to workout," he said.

These days he, at the very least, works out every other day and he's constantly sharing his story.

"I love sharing the word that I learned and the knowledge I learned and if I can pass that along to somebody and help them too then that's fantastic," he said.


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