Colbert (hilariously) mocks Sarah Palin channel

Sarah Palin's new online channel is ripe for late-night skewering, so it's no surprise that Stephen Colbert went to town.

In a four-minute monologue on his Comedy Central show, Colbert on Tuesday mocked the former Alaska governor's idea of bypassing media filters to create a subscription-based channel on the Internet. "It's exactly what she's always done only, mmm, nothing else," Colbert joked.

Colbert teased that Palin's channel — which he dubbed "Palintainment" — at $9.95 a month costs more than Netflix and will be "just as good as House of Cards with even more threatening monologues into camera."

Colbert being Colbert, he took his Palin drubbing one step further by buying the website — a version of the website name for her venture. When you click on the Colbert creation, it reads: "The only Sarah Palin Channel on the internet with a definite article in the address!"


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