Coupons during dates: Good or bad idea?

KSDK – How would you feel if a man (or woman) whipped out a coupon during a fancy date?

It might be more common than you think. More men than ever are using coupons and email offers to cut costs – especially Millennial men, half of whom admit to searching for discounts online. Seventy three percent of guys also receive email shopping alerts.

According to, "using a coupon on a first date is like asking for a doggy bag – it ruins the atmosphere."

One dating coach added that "it's a bad sign, like being rude to the waiter or undertipping."

By the same token, Women's Health argues that online discounts for cool and thoughtful dates – like flash tickets to a food and wine festival – are more permissible than whipping out a 20 percent off at TGI Fridays.

Do you want to weigh in as to whether it's ok or not? Head to this poll:


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