Defying gravity at St. Louis Union Station

ST. LOUIS - It is a historic landmark, a place that was once the world's largest and busiest train station. But these days it's where people are taking flight.

"It's the most amazing feeling," said Jessica Hentoff, the artistic executive director of Circus Harmony.

She's been teaching circus arts in St. Louis for 25 years. Actually she started teaching Matt Viverito when he was only 10 or 11.

"One of the great things about circus is there's always something new to learn," said Viverito.

He ran off and went to college, but he's back and more wrapped up in flying trapeze than ever thanks to Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center.

"It's a really unique experience and you have to try it for yourself to really understand it," said Viverito.

He's not at Union Station to perform although he's pretty amazing to watch, he's here to teach. He will teach anyone who wants to defy gravity.

"This is a one way ladder so once you go up the only way down is to swing down okay," said Viverito.

Of course, it's easy to be brave on the ground. But the view from the platform, 25 feet up, will get your heart beating a bit faster.

"We can teach a basic trick like a knee hang. We can teach you how to swing," said Viverito.

Grace is obviously not taught, but even without it, the experience is amazing.

"It's exciting, that's why we're here we want to share the joy and the fun and the excitement of trapeze with everyone in St. Louis," said Viverito.


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