Hey Heidi: What is BarreAmped?

ST. LOUIS - They are small moves with apparently big results.

"I'm definitely seeing a difference in the shape of my muscles," says Lori Miller, who's been taking BarreAmped classes for six months.

"I was joking that I feel like I have a four pack now, adds Courtney Luecking, another BarreAmped student.

It's a workout created with the ballet barre in mind, but BarreAmped is far from a dance class.

"It's a full body workout that utilizes small weights, your own body weight, isometric work to burn every single muscle out in an hour," explains Brienne Lockridge, owner of B Three Fitness Studio on Hampton Avenue.

The barre itself is used for a number of things.

"So there are some things that you use it for balance and then some things like a chair pose you're really pulling that barre away from the wall," Lockridge goes on to explain.

Other exercises are done under the barre so to speak.

"You're pressing the barre away from the wall or pressing the barre up into the ceiling," Lockridge adds.

And yet other exercises don't touch the barre at all. The thing is whether you're holding on, pushing off or pulling away from the barre, the idea is to really focus on the mind to muscle connection.

"The more mind to muscle connection you have the stronger you're going to build the muscles and the more calories you're going to burn so typical hour, this is a big range but somewhere between 3 and 600," Lockridge says.

So Courtney and Lori might not be dripping in sweat, but they are feeling every single muscle in their body and that's what BarreAmped aims to do.


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