Hey Heidi: What snow plow drivers do when it's not snowing

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - They are the ones who clear the path for the rest of us. The men and women whose work literally piles up, even when the snow isn't falling.

"It isn't like we have to go looking for work to do, it's finding work that's appropriate for the time of year," explained Joe Monroe, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Equipment maintenance is a priority.

"We need to make sure our trucks and all of our equipment, loaders, backhoes, the brine units are in tip top shape," Monroe said .

And most of the drivers do that themselves.

"We're blessed with a lot of talent in our yards. The men and women do a great job for us," Monroe added.

They're also pretty busy filling potholes. Of course other months require a different to-do list.

"Well, in the summer mowing is a big deal for us," he said.

They're also ditching and patching.

"Shoulders are a big issue with the amount of truck traffic we see, trying to make sure the shoulders don't have any drop-offs. Milling down bumps, addressing rutting, there are many things that the men and women do," Monroe explained.

So you might seem them more when the snow is falling, but the men and women in the snow plows for IDOT rarely sit idle.


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