Kid gets hit in face, becomes internet famous

KSDK – It started out in the most inauspicious way possible: as a six-second Vine video of a kid standing in a driveway getting hit in the face with a basketball.

With a smile on his face, he screams "yeah" as the orange projectile smacks him solidly in the skull. And with that simple, one-syllable, high-pitched proclamation, a star was born.

Dubbed "Crack kid," 11-year-old Brady has become a Vine celebrity. In the week since he was hit in the face, his Vine account has grown to over 16,000 followers, and he has achieved the ultimate internet form of flattery: the distinction of being featured in parody videos.

Some involved "High School Musical."

Others, a gentleman who lives in a pineapple under the sea…

He has been featured in songs by Miley Cyrus…

And a tale about the wonders of New York.

Is he a future senator? NBA star? The president of the United States?

Thanks to the internet, Brady's future is wide open.

And I think we all know how he feels about that…

H/T to Buzzfeed for the story


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