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We are still waiting for April the giraffe to give birth.

Hundreds of thousands have been watching April online since February - her calf could come at any hour or in the coming days. The 15-year-old mom giraffe is located at the Animal Adventure Park outside of Binghamton, N.Y.

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You can watch live at the top of this page, below, or on YouTube. (Note: There is no audio- this is a live raw video stream.)

WATCH LIVE: Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam


The animal park posted the following update to its Facebook page Monday morning: 

3/27 Morning Update

April had us watching the monitors close last night. Her behavior was interesting last night, and is noted as continued this morning. She is very relaxed, tail has been raising on and off for periods of time. Wax caps are in place but we have noted a significant mammary change! Photo is comments section! We are getting there!

Any changes will be posted throughout the day.

Today, we share with you the video link to a highly demanded, up close (but quick) video of April and Allysa. Their bond is evident - a true trusting relationship.

Giraffe Factoid:

The hoof of a giraffe is about 12" or the size of your dinner plate! Think about that at your next meal!! In the wild, hooves are naturally maintained by the hard and coarse ground surface. In captive management programs, we mimic that natural substrate for hoof care - often why you will often not see green grass (North American grass) in giraffe yards. Their entry and exit from their barn also has a specific material, and the barn floors are finished to promote hoof trimming. If the hoof is not able to be naturally trimmed, giraffes can and will train to stand for the largest manicure you have ever seen!

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The calf will weigh around 150 pounds and be about 6 feet tall at birth.

Giraffes give birth standing up, and the calf falls about 5 feet to the ground. Infant giraffes typically stand within 30 minutes of birth and can run around several hours later.

Giraffe pregnancies last about 15 months. However, due to the long gestation period, giraffe pregnancy can be difficult to detect early on and are often times not confirmed until birth, according to Woodland Park Zoo animal care staff.

Youtube suspended the live video of the giraffe birth from the Animal Adventure Park for 'nudity & sexual content' on Thursday morning, but was brought back online. 

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The Animal Adventure Park posted a Facebook Live video explaining what happened. You can watch the video below:  

WATCH RECORDED VIDEO: Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

A Woodland Park Zoo giraffe, 8-year-old Tufani, is expecting her first child in mid-May to early June.

If the live streams above are not working, you can find the most recent Animal Adventure Park live streams here.

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