Local man quits day job for 'the sweet life'

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Brian Pelletier is man who really knows how to mix things up. It's obvious by the many squares on the shelves at Ka-Ka-O.

"There are probably close to 120, 130 different things we make all the time," Pelletier said.

But what he really stirred up six years ago was his life.

"I was in PR and marketing, I spent almost 20 years doing that and as I was approaching 20 years I just decided I was done," Pelletier said.

He didn't know what, exactly, he wanted to do, but he wanted to be his own boss.

"I wanted to physically make something with my hands and I wanted to do something with food because I love to cook," he said

So he opened himself to the possibilities and the universe took over.

"A friend of mine said she had some chocolate equipment in her basement and she was going to sell it," Pelletier said.

Mind you, he had never done anything with chocolate before.

"So in this order I bought the equipment, I rented a space, I quit my job and then I learned how to make chocolate," Pelletier said.

For a year he made chocolate and sold it at farmer's markets, then in 2009 he opened his first store. Two years later, he opened a second store in Maplewood and now he has 20 employees making a lot of chocolate.

"People told me when I first told them that I was doing this they said oh if it wasn't for my spouse or my house or my mortgage or my kids or my car or my dog or whatever I would so do what you did Brian. And i just thought to myself well you're never going to do it because you're always going to be able to find a reason not to," Pelletier said.

He says it's more about finding the reasons to make a change and that doesn't always have to do with dollar signs, but rather finding your sweet spot in life.

"It's not in the paycheck, it's in coming to work everyday and enjoying what I'm doing," Pelletier says.

Ka-Ka-O has two locations one at 2301 South Jefferson in Fox Park. The other is at 7272 Manchester Road in Maplewood.


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