Local poets honor Maya Angelou

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The words come more from poetic justice than prose.

"Slam is an expression," said one poet. "

Its a part of my culture," said another.

"You speak the truth as hard as you can" said the third.

They all stood at the foot of the star given to the woman who was their inspiration.

They talked about their brand of poetry, raw and real, called Slam as they spoke some of the profound the words Dr. Maya Angelou wrote in her 86 years. She was born in St. Louis. She was of st. Louis, just like Corey Black, Jason Vasser and Chris Ware are. They tell the stories of the human condition in their poetry.

"Our urban folk tales teach people about our lives what we go through day to day," Vasser said.

Black said the demand for Slam in St. Louis is off the charts in schools, festivals and even on a street corner on a Wednesday afternoon.

More and more people gathered to hear the poets as they let loose their words.

They came to honor Dr. Angelou in the best way they could, through their words.

"I can always count on maya angelou to tell me why the caged bird sings," Vasser said.

"She stood up to spit the words out," said Ware. The word spit is often used to refer to people who say release their words passionately.

"She;s a woman, a phenomeal woman, a woman phenomenally," Black said.

Dr. Angelou inspired them to spread their stories. They came to astreet corner in the Delmar loop in front of her star on the walk of fame, to pas on the torch she carried.


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