Pearl Jam covers 'Let It Go'

KSDK – If you've finally recovered from "Frozen" fever, the last thing you probably want is to hear another cover of the Oscar-winning song "Let It Go"from the artist known as Adele Dazeem.

However, you might change your mind if you knew the cover in question was done by Pearl Jam.

The legendary rock band put their own spin on the song about female empowerment when they launched into the chorus during a concert at Milan's Stadio San Siro on Friday night.

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Watch the video below:

Pearl Jam is making a stop in St. Louis on Oct. 3.

Since "Frozen" came out last year, "Let It Go" has been covered by everyone from local teachers to Jimmy Fallon and the Roots with classroom instruments.

(H/T to Rolling Stone for the story)


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