5 dogs you should be following on Instagram

If you're on Instagram, you probably like looking at pretty pictures. And if you're a dog lover, you probably get excited when you see a post showing a dog in sunglasses.

Here is a list of five accounts dog lovers should be following in Instagram:

1. Harlow & Sage

This account features two dogs: Harlow and Indiana. Sage, one of the original girls the account was named after, died last year at the age of 13. Since her passing a miniature dachshund named Indiana came onboard, and together Harlow and Sage spend their days snuggling, telling jokes (check out some of their "Classic Joke Monday" videos) and learning about Meryl Streep (Harlow's favorite).

The photos range from insanely adorable…

…to hilarious.

2. Milo Meets World

Milo is a fluffy little ball of fur that, according to his website, loves wrestling his Lamby, posing for pictures on social media, and posting videos on YouTube.

He's a big fan of clothing, and can often be seen wearing costumes, such as a pretty cool Superman costume…

…and even a chick costume for Easter.

3. Kingsley the Cavalier

There are few breeds more photogenic than the cavalier King Charles spaniel. Kingsley is no exception, and shows off his humor nearly every day!

From snuggling up on her mom's blankey…

…to balancing a donut on his nose, this dog sure knows how to capture our heart.

4. Flapi

Flapi is an account created by a 17-year-old girl who fell in love photography. And what better way to practice your skills than with your best friend?

Flapi's a very patient dog, posing in various scenes, including one image where he's dressed as a peacock…

…and another where appears to be trying to kiss the lens.

5. Koda the Puggle

Koda might look unamused, but we think deep down he's actually having fun. His "I am not impressed" face adds to the humor in his photos.

Koda's an adventurous dog, partaking in sports like boating…

…and even dressing up in a wig and sunglasses for Halloween!


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