Pippa finally speaks about Kate!

The time has come!

Ever since she stepped out in that curve-hugging bridesmaid dress we have been dying to hear from Pippa Middleton. What is it like being sister to Duchess Catherine, aka the former Kate Middleton, and have Prince William and Prince Harry as in-laws?! Not to mention a nephew who is the future king of England.

Well, in a big coup for Matt Lauer, she's finally speaking out in her first TV interview. It airs on Monday and Tuesday on Today, and NBC has just released some excerpts from the chat.

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First, Matt asks Pippa if her relationship with Kate has changed since the royal wedding.

Not particularly, no. I mean, obviously she has pressures that she's taken on and things. But we spend a lot of time together. We still do a lot together as a family. And I think that's really the heart for all of us is having a really close family that we can sort of be normal with each other, treat each other normally. And that's sort of kept us all, you know, affixed to the ground.

Then he wants to know if she can just call Kate up on any given night for some girl talk.

Yeah. Yeah, we do we have a very normal, sisterly relationship. We're very close. And, you know, we support each other and get each other's opinions and things.

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Sounds like they're like any other sisters, right?



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