Pokey LaFarge strums up fans with his unique sound

ST. LOUIS - Pokey LaFarge is an interesting character with a captivating sound. One even he has a hard time describing.

"It's kind of a different answer every single time I get that question asked to me," he explained.

Today, he describes it like this: "It's acoustic rooted, horn accentuated, lyric and melody driven midwestern swing," LaFarge finally said.

Something audiences are surprised to get from a 30-year-old midwestern musician.

"To modern music listeners that don't know a lot of traditional music they think that my music is old-timey and some people even call it, mistakenly, retro which is a claim I don't necessarily agree with," LaFarge added.

Because what Pokey LaFarge and his band are doing is actually rather progressive.

"The arrangements, the lyrical content, some of the tempos and the liberties I take with the music so it's kind of interesting how that is," he said.

Raised in Bloomington, Ill., Andrew, his birth name, was actually influenced by his grandfathers.

"I got brought to some bluegrass festivals and started listening to some blues and it became my own education," LaFarge explained.

Several years ago he ran into these St. Louis born and raised guys and decided to make St. Louis his home.

"Never say never, but I don't see myself moving anywhere," Lafarge said.

Not to say his feet are firmly planted, the band is quite busy touring making music they enjoy playing and hopefully people enjoy hearing and in the process Pokey LaFarge might just be opening minds to a different genre of music.


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