Pregnant Kelly Clarkson threw up during an interview

Early in her pregnancy, Kelly Clarkson threw up during an interview — and the reporter she was talking to didn't even have a clue.

"I was on the phone, and she was talking, so I muted it where she couldn't hear me," says the 31-year-old singer, who is now 12 weeks pregnant. "I totally vomited in the toilet then just came back."

At the time, Clarkson was trying to keep the news a secret. She announced her pregnancy onTwitterNov. 19.

"I wasn't telling people, because everybody tells you to wait three months, and I didn't want her to catch on," Clarkson says. "It was pretty awesome."

Clarkson's had more than morning sickness so far. She told TV show host Ellen DeGeneres Friday she throws up as many as a dozen times a day.

In fact, she's been so nauseated during her first pregnancy that she's rethinking her desire to have two children.

"If reincarnation exists, I better come back as a man," Clarkson says. "I hope it doesn't, but if it does, I don't want to be a woman. We have it so much harder!"

Clarkson's first holiday special, Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale,airs tonight (10 p.m. ET/PT, NBC). Clarkson says she took note of Blake Shelton's 2012 special, in which she appeared.

"His special was so fun," she says. "You got music, but it wasn't just a variety show. It was an actual show. Ours is different — I'm not killing reindeer or anything, but it's something that'll keep you entertained that's not, hey, we're listening to a concert."

While Clarkson says her nausea has been off the charts compared to most of the women she knows, her sister has helped her with good advice.

"She had one really great pregnancy, then her next one was, like, she was ill for like six months," Clarkson says. "She didn't vomit as much as I do, though, because she was at Thanksgiving with me, and she was, like, 'Wow.' I'm like, 'Yeah, living the dream.' But she was sick for like six months, so I have that to look forward to."

And don't even talk to her about cravings yet.

"I don't crave anything," she says. "I just throw up. I think I don't crave anything because I know it's coming back up."

She even hates the thought of eating desserts, "and I'm a dessert queen."

Clarkson says she doesn't yet know what she's having, but "I would like to find out, girl or boy. I'm really impatient.

"I know it's a girl, though. I just really feel it. But I could be really wrong."


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