Prince George is walking! Well, maybe.

Prepare to be amazed: Prince George, just short of 11 months old, is walking!

You'd think he was the first kid ever to stand upright given the breathless way the "news" was reported today in American celeb media, such as People, E! and Hollywood Life.

Just one problem: How do they know? They cited no sources, named or unnamed; they just say it was "revealed." Well, where? By whom? Details, please!

But no details are to be found, not in the American media nor in the British media. It is possible that Duchess Kate herself said something about little George walking on Tuesday when she met British sailing champion Ben Ainslie to launch Britain's 2017 America's Cup bid.

Ainslie said later the two discussed his offer to teach the prince to sail, and she said maybe when he's older, like 7 or 8. Duh. Georgie might need to learn to walk before he learns to sail.

But there was no evidence the tot is actually ambling yet, although it would not be a surprise if he were. The palace, of course, was no help: We will not be discussing the prince's childhood developments, they sniffed.

But in the gossipy digital age everyone else will.


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