Royal baby look-a-likes

Can you tell the real Royal Baby from the fake one?

For once, handsome Prince Harry, kissing his grandmother, the queen, was just the opening act. For the new star, 3-month-old Prince George, was carried into the royal chapel by his dad, and there was a whole lot of jiggling going on as Prince William displayed his son. Even the royal guard seemed to be jiggling.

But after the baptism, being carried out by his mom, Prince George seemed sedate. A lot more sedate than a look-a-like Prince George, who kept spitting up as he posed for pictures, even pictures of the queen taking his picture. And Prince William changing his diaper. And Kate, William and George playing rub a dub dub in the tub. Wait a minute, the palace would never release these.

Alison Jackson is known for her celebrity look-alike photos. And she's been having a field day with the royals. She uses an 82-year old ball of energy to play the queen.

The photographer says these photos aren't about the royals, they're about us. And how we feel about the famous.

We should have known something was amiss when we saw Prince William and Catherine posed half naked. There's something intimate about these fake photos. The queen sprawled on the bed. Dirt on the sole of the prince's foot dangling out of the tub. Of course the actual royals don't comment on things like this.

She's been doing this for a decade, posing look-a-likes ranging from David Beckham to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their baby north West. Alison's currently out west in LA, shopping for more look-a-likes.

"If anyone looks like Miley Cyrus that would be fantastic," she said.


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