St. Louis classic radio treasure is disappearing

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - At the corner of Cherokee Street and Illinois Avenue, a hidden St. Louis treasure is slowing disappearing.

"The man didn't throw stuff away," says Alisa Giardina Stratton, the daughter of Jasper Giardina.

He was a man known to many for his fruit baskets.

"He was a fruit basket peddler, he had fruit stands everywhere," Stratton said.

But he was more well known for his colossal collection of radios, which is why he started Jasper's Antique Radio Museum.

"You can't count, it's like you can't just clear a path and say oh I want that radio bring it out to me," Stratton said.

When the shelves were stuffed, it's guesstimated Jasper had more than 10,000 radios, the largest collection of radios in the world.

"That's what he always said and now I'm really believing yeah that's a good number," Stratton said.

If it had a dial, chances are he had at least one of them.

"Some of them are crystal sets," Stratton explains opening one.

Of course, he also collected cash registers, coin-ops, ice boxes and microphones just to name a few leaving his daughter quite a bit to dig through when in died in 2010.

"You can't go through this in a weekend," she says.

So over the last couple of years, they've had auctions.

"We've already had seven," Stratton adds.

And recently an auction house from Las Vegas came to town and took two trailer loads.

"This is picked over and there's still a ton left," Stratton says.

So maybe Jasper should have dialed it back a notch, then again he gave St. Louis something unique. A place that had a few price tags, but not much was actually for sale.

"When you go out there and see prices on stuff the things that are left here and you'll say oh my gosh that is so expensive, so high there was a reason it was so expensive, so high because he didn't want to part with it," Stratton says.

There's still a lot to sort through, but Stratton plans to have a sidewalk sale this spring.


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