T-shirt trivia: TJ not Oshie's initials

St. Louis- A loyal Today in St. Louis viewer sent in a pair of newly made T-shirts celebrating TJ Oshie's heroic performance in a shoot out victory over Russia in the Sochi Winter Olympics. As you can see, one of the shirts reads: "Oshie owns Sochi". The others shows Oshie and a dejected Russian President Vladimir Putin and says "Giving Putin the Blues".

The shirts sell for $12 at this link and benefit an initiative to promote random acts of kindness.

On Tuesday, the crew on Today in St. Louis decided to give the shirts away to other loyal viewers. Viewers who knew what the TJ in Oshie stands for.

His initials?

Nope. Oshie's first and middle names are Timothy and Leif.



What could it be?

Would you believe it came from Ricky Schroder?

"My first name is Timothy and my mom, when I was really young, watched the movie 'The Champ'," Oshie explained in an interview posted on the St. Louis Blues website. "And the little boy in the movie's name is T.J. She liked it and figured it would work out. The 'J' actually doesn't stand for anything. Just something my mom gave me."

On Twitter, Pat McGonigle put the question to our viewers. Eventually, the correct answers come in.

Some movie critics put "The Champ" on a short list of the "saddest movies ever made". The enduring scene from the movie shows "TJ" (Ricky Schroder) sobbing uncontrollably after his no-account father, played by Jon Voight, dies after boxing in a prizefight.

Here's a YouTube link of the ending, make sure you have some Kleenex.

Melanie Wilkening of Glen Carbon, Ill. and Tracy Foster Scott of St. Peters were the first two to tweet the correct answer, winning the T-shirts.


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