Teen catches 693-pound swordfish

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - It's a fish story like no other.

A 17-year-old reeled in a whopper of a swordfish in Florida, while fishing with his dad on Labor Day.

"Biggest fish I ever measured in here was probably about 220 lbs," Edmund Alves said.

Edmund Alves was at the sailfish marina when the Sattar family came in with their catch of the day, but it weighed a lot more than 220 pounds.

"693.8 lbs and the full length was 172 inches," Alves said.

Hard to believe, but this swordfish weighed almost 700 pounds and was more than 14 feet long!

The pictures are lighting up the Internet and the news, and getting a lot of attention from jealous fishermen.

"Wow!! That's amazing!" Ronnie Roska said.

Adam Sattar was behind the reel when the swordfish bit his line.

"Came up twice," Sattar said. "All we saw was a big shadow. Thought it might have been a big shark."

But it wasn't a shark, it was this swordfish.

And after four long hours, they finally caught him.

So, to get this huge monster of a fish on board this boat, it took a lot of strength and a flying gaffe.

The family says they just bought it last week just in case they would catch a big fish like this one.

"Well, anytime you're not fishing it sucks," family friend Tory Waagen said.

Waagen was supposed to go fishing with the Sattars that day, but he stayed on shore because -- get this -- he didn't think the conditions were good for fishing.

Today, he's regretting that decision.

"I think we're all dreamers and we all hope anytime we go out to fish it's a record or a really big fish so you can share all the meat with your friends," Waagen said.

Adam and his dad are filing the paperwork to see if the catch is viable for a world record.

Thanks to the big haul, dozens of people on the dock were treated to swordfish steaks.


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