Wild turkeys strut their stuff in Lafayette Square

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Sandwiched between Interstates 44 and 64 is an urban oasis lined with beautifully renovated homes and dotted with cute shops and restaurants, but last spring something else moved in to Lafayette Square.

"I was quite surprised, that's something you don't see around here," said Jeff Brierly, a Lafayette Square resident.

"A surprise for sure," Bob Horner, another resident added.

Something that put neighbors on the lookout.

"I take pictures of it when I get a chance," Brierly explained.

"Oh yeah I have pictures," Horner said.

Because let's face it, it's not often you see wild turkeys on the sidewalks and in the alleys.

"There were three chicks and the mother hen and not there's just the one hen and the mother," Brierly said.

"People speculate a cat got the other two," PJ Hightower, a longtime resident added.

The other two are still seen weekly.

"Yeah, they just kind of strut all over," Hightower said.

Of course when you want to see them they're not as easy to find and the hunt requires a bit more work.

"Turkey hunting is really, really challenging," explained Kevin McCarthy, interpretive center manager for Rockwoods Reservation Area and August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area.

Especially here where blending in isn't exactly easy.

"Where city critters come from is always a little bit of a guessing game. They should be there the natural habitat before pavements and buildings come in that's where they had lived," said McCarthy.

Apparently it's where these two still live keeping neighbors entertained and visitors slightly confused.

"So much for city living," Hightower said.


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