Wildfire makes for amazing wedding photos

BEND, Ore. - We've got some hot, and we mean hot, wedding photos to show you. But, these not the kind of hot that means you have to make the kids leave the room.

Singers are always comparing love to a raging fire.

"It's sort of like an apocalyptic wedding," said Josh Newton.

Newton was the wedding photographer when Michael and April Wolber were planning their June wedding in Bend, Oregon, they weren't expecting a wildfire.

"My bridesmaids did a really good job of keeping me calm and didn't even tell me about the fire until about 30 minutes before the wedding," said April.

As Michael waited for April to walk down the aisle, a fire truck arrived, siren blaring.

"He says you guys gotta get out," said April.

"You get to the final minute before it was gonna happen to have everything feel like it was falling apart, it was a pretty crazy reality to be in," said Michael.

The fireman said they had to evacuate because of the wildfire six miles away. Exactly like what happened to the gay wedding on Modern Family's season finale. But in real life the wedding coordinator shouted the news.

"Waving her arms saying 'We can do it. We can do the ceremony,' said Michael.

Fire officials gave them about 20 minutes to do a sped up ceremony.

"They actually kissed a couple of times. They were pretty excited," said Newton.

Then while everyone began moving the rest of the event to another location, Newton started taking photos with his iPhone and his professional camera.

The pictures were like something straight out of a movie actually one movie in particular: Gone With the Wind.

At least April and Michael's marriage wasn't gone with the blaze.

"We wouldn't change a single thing," said Michael.


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