You can print your eye shadow from home

KSDK – You may never have to leave home without makeup again.

Harvard grad Grace Choi has invented an ingenious piece of technology that allows you to print colors in the form of makeup… all from the safety of your own home.

The Mink printer lets users select pixels on the web and print the color image into an eye shadow, lip stick or blush. Just as a normal printer does, the Mink simply hooks up to a computer.

Choi said the makeup industry charges consumers a large premium on something that simple technology provides for free – color. The Mink printer provides convenience and prestige, she explains.

Mink will allow users to discover unique colors on their own without the influence of the makeup industry, she said, adding that users will no longer be limited by the cost of products sold by popular stores such as Sephora.

No additional software is necessary to use the Mink printer: all you need is ink, substrates and a color picker to select a color image.

Choi said the Mink printer will disrupt both the pricing and distribution of the cosmetic industry.

The Mink printer will retail for $300.

Learn more about the 3D printer below:


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