Top 10 Black Friday secrets

ST. LOUIS -- In just two weeks, we kick off the biggest and most comprehensive Black Friday coverage in the country. Together with my team of deal hunters, bargain hunter, retail analysts and web geniuses all working together, exclusively for you, we will have more insider deal information than anyone else in the country.

Before we get to our rollout of exclusive web tools to put doorbusters and deals in your hands before anyone else, I've compiled a list of what I consider to be the Top 10 Black Friday "must-knows" this year.

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1) Deals online are always better than what you'll find in-store from the major retailers Black Friday.

2) The online component of Black Friday provides bigger price drops and reductions than Cyber Monday. The Cyber Monday deals are never as good.

3) Not everything on black Friday is a great deal. Winter coats, toys, Christmas D├ęcor and non-bundled gaming units all drop in price closer to Christmas.

4) The best sales are always on Black Friday itself. Not earlier. Early bird deals are rarely as good and almost all of them turn up online.

5) You do not need to camp out to get the best deals. If you have that amount of time on your hands, you're better off reading through every stock list to develop a strategic plan to shop online.

6) Stores never have ample stock to match their advertised door busters. Walmart has provided "rain check" coupons for when they run out, but don't expect to get the item you've lined up for if you're not one of the first 10 people in line.

7) The Adscans are often full of inaccuracies. In the days leading up to Black Friday, I'll provide store stock lists of ever item on sale at every major store. I find these far more dependable than what you see

8) Doorbusters are a way for stores to get free advertising. In many cases, Doorbusters are now a ploy from retailers to get people like me to write about them online and talk about them on-air.

9) Doorbusters are used to get people in the store. In some cases huge sale items and doorbusters are actually placed beside higher priced items to unfairly grab a shopper's attention.

10) Apple product sales will be the strongest this year. Apple has overloaded the market with iPads and iPhones from previous generations. For the first time, we could see discounts between 20% and 40% on older products. These deals will drop from some of the big players online like MacMall, Best Buy and Walmart.


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