15-year-old girl shot, killed in north St. Louis


A 15-year-old girl is dead and her brother is in police custody after what appears to be an accidental shooting.

It happened in the 4600 block of San Francisco Avenue, in the Penrose neighborhood of North St. Louis.

Police tell us 15-year-old Alicia Anderson and her family just moved into the house a few days ago.

"It appears that, right now, her mentally-challenged brother was playing with a shotgun and accidentally shot her in the head," Lt. John Green said.

Anderson's brother is 20. Police say their mom told them the gun belonged to a family friend who left it there.

"She apparently thought she had hid the gun well enough that nobody would find it until she was able to properly dispose of the weapon," Lt. Green said.

"As he was coming out the house, they sat him down on the ground and he was like he didn't know that this gun was real, he didn't know it was gonna shoot her and kill her," neighbor Jasmine Davis said.

Anderson's boyfriend was at the house when it happened. He ran down the street to get help. Jasmine Davis called 911.

"He was like 'my girlfriend just got shot,' and I was like 'where,' and he was like 'right down the street on San Francisco.'"

"The message for the community: if you have guns in the house, make sure they're unloaded and properly secured. If you can't secure it, keep it unloaded and keep the ammunition somewhere else in the house away from the weapon," Lt. Green said.

We're told the gun was spray painted gold, which could possibly be a reason Anderson's brother didn't think it was real.

Police are working with the Circuit Attorney's Office to decide if there will be charges.


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