5 fun facts about St. Patrick's Day

KSDK - This St. Patrick's Day, you can spout out some fun facts while enjoying a pint of Guinness! Read the facts we compiled below:

1. Who was St. Patrick anyway?

He was a 5th century Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. March 17, or St. Patrick's Day, honors the date of his death. The patron saint of Ireland is best known for converting pagans to Christianity.

2. The tradition of a St. Patrick's Day parade was created in American

St. Patrick's Day parades date back to the American Revolutionary War, when Irish soldiers fighting with the British decided to March through New York City to reconnect with their roots.

3. Green isn't randomly associated with St. Patrick's Day

It's associated with the holiday because it's the color of spring, of Ireland and of the Shamrock.

4. The world's shortest St. Patrick's Day parade is only 98 feet long

Hot Springs, Ark. has something pretty interesting to be proud of: it's the site of the world's shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade! It happens on all 98 feet of Bridge Street, which has been recognized as the shortest street in the world.

5. There are 33.7 million U.S. residents of Irish ancestry

That's almost nine times the population of Ireland itself!

BONUS FACT: Erin go Bragh translates to "Ireland Forever."


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