5 on Your Side: Condo with no air conditioning

By Mike Rush

Moline Acres, MO (KSDK) - Like a pet in a cage. That's how one owner of a Moline Acres condominium says she feels.

The ten floor building does not have air conditioning, and residents, many who are elderly, say they can't get answers about what's going on.

The Lewis and Clark Tower Condos are from the 1960s. The building is a concrete structure that, people living there say, is starting to heat up like an oven.

"Hopefully I can get a good breeze through here," said condo owner Larry Ellis as he drew the blinds away from his sliding glass door.

A breeze, says Ellis, is the best bet right now for making his condo livable.

"We want air, we're burning up. It's unbearable," he said.

The air conditioning unit does not work properly in the building of about 65 condos. So even with the open door and fans on, Ellis' place hovers near 90 degrees.

Other residents say the situation is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous because there are elderly people living here.

"Presently, we're like pets in cages," said another condo owner named Pam Milster.

Owner Matthew Hawkins added, "You just waiting for a heart attack or somebody to die from that. So, you're creating a good mixture for death."

Majestic Management manages the property. When NewsChannel 5's Mike Rush visited its office on Olive Street, the woman behind the counter did not get up from behind the desk. Instead she appeared to be taking pictures of us and then held up a sign telling us who to call.

That person didn't answer, but another member of Majestic and also a condominium board member did call Rush.

They explain that the previous management company bought another air conditioning system to replace the faulty one on the roof, but it too turned out to have problems.

And, they say, what's really keeping anything from getting done is lack of money, because, they say, many people living there are not paying their condo fees. In total, they say, the renters and owners owe more than $90,000.

So here's what's going to happen? Mike Rush was able to find out from the condo board member that with the money they do have to address the problem, they have decided to try to repair the existing air conditioner.

That work should begin next week.


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