5 On Your Side: Good Samaritans repair golf ball dent

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - When a stray golf ball damaged Tom Jones' SUV he wanted the golf course where the ball came from to pay up. When that didn't happen, several good samaritans called "5 On Your Side" wanting to make it right.

Getting rid of dents, like the one on the hood of Tom Jones' Ford Escape, is what the guys at St. Louis Dent Company do best.

"Absolutely, we pride ourselves on our quality, and just try to make the customer happy," says co-owner Jeff Faircloth.

So when Faircloth saw our recent "5 On Your Side" report detailing how a stray golf ball from Westborough Country Club dented the hood of Jones' SUV, he and his partner, Justin Maurath, stepped up.

"I had a family member that this happened to a few years ago," said Faircloth. "You know it's just the right thing to do, we fix dents and can help him out, so why not? "

That's the same question I asked Tom Elliott who's the General Manager at Westborough in our original story.

"Do you feel any responsibility if somebody is driving down a public road and a ball comes off of a private club to help them out?" said Mike Rush.

"No," said Elliott.

"Why?" said Rush.

"Why would I?" said Elliott.

"Because it came from your club," said Rush.

"So, I didn't hit the ball," said Elliott.

Jones is disappointed.

"I thought he came across as kind of squirrelly, at one point he sort of accused me of falsifying this," said Jones. "I didn't really appreciate that."

"Where else would it come from?" Rush said.

"Anywhere; maybe he was out playing golf in his own yard," said Elliott. "I don't know."

"After seeing the General Manager and the way he reacted and the way that it made him look and what it reflected on the club, it was nice to see a couple of young men step up and want to come take care of something that didn't have anything in the world to do with them," said Jones.

It took the guys about half an hour to remove the dent.

"I was amazed, I mean they explained what they were doing, didn't take them long," said Jones. "And unless I had measured where that dent was, I don't think you or I could tell where it was."

Jones, who can't say enough about the efforts of these Good Samaritans, believes one good turn, deserves another.

"They kind of told me what something like this would charge and we think, my wife and I think we need to pay it forward," said Jones. "So we're going to take that amount, and it's going to be about a hundred bucks, and we're going to take that and pay it forward."

A nice donation to The Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, courtesy of the Jones'.

"So they will be receiving a check from us and with not regards from Westborough Country Club," said Jones.

Color Perfect and Automotive Paint Hospital in O'Fallon, Missouri and McMahon Ford also contacted "5 On Your Side" wanting to take care of the dent in Jones' Escape. We want to thank them for offering to help. If you have a consumer complaint contact us at KSDK.com. Look for the "5 On Your Side" tab at the top of the home page.

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