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Police Bust Meth Lab At Harrah's Casino

7:42 AM, Aug 11, 2006   |    comments
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By Rebecca Wu (KSDK) - Police busted a methamphetamine lab overnight Thursday at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Maryland Heights. It was about 4:30 in the morning when a smoke alarm went off inside a hotel room alerting police. Missouri Highway Patrol spokesperson Sgt. Jason Clark said, "During (the officer’s) investigation, he discovered an active meth lab inside the hotel room." One person was arrested, but Clark would not give details about the person or what was inside the room. An ongoing investigation will determine if it was part of a bigger crime ring. Rhonda Watson, who was visiting the casino Thursday morning said, "That's scary. It's dangerous. There are kids in that hotel. That's scary in a big hotel like that." Authorities echo that concern because of one too many explosions from people making meth. "Everybody is at risk of being trapped inside the building, or being overcome with smoke or those chemicals being released and doing something poisonous,” said Clark. Charles Agngl, who has visited the casino previously, is worried now that he sees meth can be made in any public place. "I guess they better pay attention when people come in more often … I think you'd have to bring supplies in to make it,” said Agngl. But police said the supplies can fit into a regular-sized suitcase or cooler that wouldn't raise suspicions. Clark said, "It can be done very easily with some glassware and maybe a hotplate or something as easy as that." What should raise suspicions is the smell of chemical odors that come from making meth. Harrah's Hotel and Casino had no comment and referred all questions to authorities. If you suspect someone of making meth, you can call a hotline at 888-823-6384.


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