Fans React to Rolen's Trade

10:35 PM, Jan 12, 2008   |    comments
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By Casey Nolen (KSDK) - At J Buck's Saturday, Football was on the tube, but with the trade of Scott Rolen, baseball was on the minds of Cardinal fans. "I have a lot of respect for Scott Rolen, I've always thought he was a great defensive player,” said Cardinals fan Chuck Krussel. "I'm going to miss him a lot defensively; he was a lot of fun to watch." With Jim Edmonds and now Rolen traded, two thirds of the "MV3" that help take the Cardinals to a Championship are gone. But despite the Cardinals once relying on Rolen to protect Albert Pujols in the line-up -- his departure doesn't seem have fans worried. "I don't think he has a whole lot to offer any more in terms of his bat," said Krussel. "I"m excited, I thought it was time for him to go,” says Cards fan Chris Phillips. “I thought he'd run his course in St. Louis and I thought his best days were behind him." And Rolen's rift with Manager Tony LaRussa also has fans thinking the trade was a good move. “It's what they need; less turmoil in the dugout," said Mike Klaus. "I'm a Tony guy. You got to back the manager -- he's in charge." "He's creating turmoil in the dugout, and you can't have that on a team,” says Ryan Brink. "So, if they can do something with the money, get some good players, why not." As for the other half of the trade, Troy Glaus, fans are cautiously optimistic. "Couple years ago he hit about forty home runs but he was also involved in the whole steroids thing so we'll just have to see about all that," said Phillips.


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