I-Team: Local Surgeon Who Made Alleged Death Threats Continued to Practice at Other Hospital

9:52 PM, May 7, 2008   |    comments
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By Leisa Zigman, I-Team Reporter (KSDK) -- Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Steven Eisenberg went on personal leave from St. Anthony's Medical Center last month. But, he continued to see patients at St. Lukes Hospital, in Chesterfield. According to court documents obtained by the I-team, Dr. Eisenberg began shouting in the operating room at St. Anthony's Medical Center April 11. The alleged threats of violence caused an operating room employee to file an order of protection. According to the complaint: "Dr. Eisenberg yelled...and threatened to practice using his 45 and fill me so full of holes they would call me 'Swiss cheese...' "He said he was bringing a gun to work and was going to shoot the place up. He also had his finger pointed at me and stated, 'Remember, I know where you park your car.'" Sources said at least seven employees in the operating room went to hospital officials to explain the alleged threats. But St. Louis County Police said hospital officials never called or asked for an investigation. St. Anthony's Hospital responded to NewsChannel 5 phone calls with the following statement, sent via e-mail: "The care, safety and concern of our patients and employees are a top priority at St. Anthony's Medical Center. "When St. Anthony's administration was notified of the incident in question, the Medical Center took immediate action to implement the appropriate policies and procedures it has in place, and met with employees to address their concerns regarding the disruptive conduct of an individual. We continue to hold the safety, privacy and well-being of our patients and our employees as our utmost priority." Those steps may not have been enough. The seven operating room employees went to police. Authorities arrested Dr. Eisenberg last Tuesday on suspicion of making a terrorist threat. While the doctor took an immediate leave from St. Anthony's, he continued to treat patients at St. Luke's Hospital. For the past two days, NewsChannel 5 tried to confirm this with the hospital's public relations team. Not one of those phone calls were returned, and several pages have been ignored. Still, multiple sources inside the hospital confirmed to NewsChannel 5 that Dr. Eisenberg was treating patients just last week. St. Louis County Prosecutors are reviewing the case; so far no charges have been filed. Since he was named in the order of protection, a public document, NewsChannel 5 identified Dr. Eisenberg. Calls made to Dr. Eisenberg's office, home and cell phone were not returned. A hearing on the order of protection is scheduled for May 15.


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