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VIDEO: H1N1 vaccination clinics not as crowded as expected

7:07 PM, Dec 12, 2009   |    comments
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KSDK -- It's the first weekend everyone is eligible for an H1N1 flu vaccination, but after age restrictions were lifted earlier this week, people were surprised by the numbers at Saturday's clinics.

In Creve Coeur, they came in and out of rooms for three hours, rolling up their sleeves and getting vaccinated for a strain of the flu that's hit harder, earlier and younger than those we're used to.


"I waited until they changed the age range," one 64-year-old patient said.

Originally people between six months and 24 years old had the highest risk and were top priority, but the government said there is no longer a limited supply of the shots and mists, so now no one is being blocked, especially those at the Nursing Vaccination Specialists' clinic, where the crowds were sort of surprising.

"When I came in, I thought we'd have a long line but it worked out fine," said an 88-year-old woman.

"It's ridiculous not to take advantage of it especially when you don't know if there's a second wave coming later during this winter," said another woman who is 68 years old.

Organizers said it could have been that the event wasn't supposed to be an H1N1 clinic, but somehow it ended up being advertised as such and decided to get the health department on board.

"I even got a hug from a little lady who said merry christmas and god bless you for having this," said Amy Leara, who is the owner of Nursing Vaccination Specialists.

She added that there will be clinics throughout the month until they have run out of the roughly 3,000 doses they received.

Leara explained that more vaccinations will be made available to area doctors and pharmacies in the next week.  While they are free, people in the private sector will likely charge you an administrative fee.  Those at her clinic Saturday were $18 each.










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