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Weathercaster Anthony Slaughter one of nine victims of downtown car break-ins

5:50 PM, Apr 5, 2010   |    comments
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  • Anthony Slaughter.

By Mike Owens

KSDK -- Police call them "car cloutings," when criminals break into cars to steal personal electronics, such as iPods, GPS devices and laptops.

NewsChannel 5 has video of some car clouters who hit right outside our downtown news studio early Sunday morning. What's amazing is how quickly the crooks broke into two cars: 80 seconds total.

The suspects pulled up in a white Pontiac a few minutes after 3:00 a.m. In less than 2 minutes, they had broken into two cars and were on their way. One of the cars, an older model Chevrolet, is owned by NewsChannel 5 weathercaster Anthony Slaughter.

Slaughter didn't realize his car had been broken into until he left later that afternoon. He came back inside to look at the security camera video and found the crooks from three different angles. Unfortunately, none of the angles showed clear images of the crooks or their license plate.

Police are looking at the tape and confirmed there were nine other car cloutings in downtown within the hour. Slaughter said he did not have anything in his car to steal. He's been the victim of a car clouting before and has not kept anything of value in the vehicle since then.

However, he will be out some money -- money needed to fix the lock the crooks broke to gain entry.



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