Posh Puppies Rescue

12:21 PM, May 4, 2010   |    comments
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  • Posh Puppies Rescue



    Being a pure bred pup doesn't always mean finding a forever home is easy



    "A lot of people don't realize that pure breds need rescue too they are so over bred in the Midwest by all the commercial breeders" says Helen Martin.


    Mutts aren't the only dogs in shelters these days; here you'll find all sorts


    Welcome to "Posh Puppies" rescue in downtown St. Louis


    "Our shelter is a no kill rescue and adoption center we don't give up on any of our animals no matter how long we have them we will fight with them until the bitter end" Helen says.


    Thanks to founder Helen Martin, these pups born in puppy mills have a chance at finding their best friend.


    "I found out about the plight of these particular dogs that are born and bred in the mills and when I found Oreo and saw the state that he was in and how much care that he needed and how grateful he is every day to have the life that he has now it made me want to do it for all the animals that need help" Helen says.


    Posh Puppies is a non-profit shelter & they take care of every dog they can.


    It's easy to see, the dogs inside are just happy to be here.


    "I can tell you that there's just something about them when they've been pulled from a bad situation and given a second chance at life that they never would have been given before, they just know, you can tell you can see it in their eyes every day" Helen says.


    Many of Helen's posh pups used to live with breeders or in pet shops.


    "If they are not sold by the time they are about 10 weeks old and there is nowhere for them to go a lot of times they are destroyed" she says.


    She says you can't put a time limit on a dog's life, so the ones at her shelter are welcome to stay as long as they need to.


    "We just want to show people there are other alternatives to pet stores that you don't have to buy a pet that you can rescue one that you can get virtually any kind you are looking for at a local rescue most especially Posh Puppies Rescue" Helen says.


    Posh Puppies is open Saturday 10a-5p, Sunday from 12p-4p, Monday & Friday from 10a-6p, and they are closed Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday.


    They are located downtown at 2722 Washington Blvd and are always in need of donations to help pay for vet bills.


    They don't have a walk thru kennel so to see all of their adoptable dogs head to their website, www.PoshPuppiesRescue.org


    ...and then you can go to their shop to meet them.


    For more info call (314)533-7674, that's 314-533-POSH


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