New details in St. Louis University rape investigation

12:50 PM, May 5, 2010   |    comments
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KSDK -- We're learning more about a report of a sexual assault on the St. Louis University campus.  Members of the Billikens men's basketball team may be involved.

There are no charges, but an investigation is ongoing after a female student reported she was sexually assaulted.  A female student we talked to said she was scared to walk around alone at night after hearing of the incident.  "We don't know anything that's going on.. I mean people could be walking around right now who were the attackers," she said.

After sending one campus-wide e-mail Saturday, university officials and St. Louis police have been tight-lipped.  They would only say a 20-year-old female student reported two male St. Louis University Students sexually assaulted her between 3 and 4 a.m. Saturday inside a dorm at the Grand Forest Apartments.

Some St. Louis University students said they want more. "It would kind of help peace of mind if we knew who or if these people were being prosecuted so that we feel safe walking around campus at night," said student Caitlin Flanagan.

Defense attorney John Rogers said three members of the men's Billikens basketball team were taken into police custody Saturday and were released the same afternoon. "I was contacted over the weekend by family members of an unnamed number of St. Louis University basketball players who were concerned that their sons were arrested and being questioned regarding allegations of a sexual assault on campus at St. Louis University," said Rogers.

Rogers said all three basketball players are cooperating with the St. Louis Police Department's ongoing investigation. "I know generally that there was a female student who made a complaint of a sexual assault, and I know there were a number of statements made by various members of the St. Louis University basketball team denying any criminal wrongdoing."

Students tell us they are disheartened hearing any of their fellow students could be involved in an attack... especially members of the men's basketball team. "I hope that its not for the basketball team's future because that would not be good for them - they were doing great and now this would be I think a really big thing to hurt them, said Flanagan"

We're not naming the Billiken players because charges have not been filed.  On Tuesday, both the school's administration and the men's basketball team declined our request for comment.


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