Charges pending against man who led police on chase

10:13 PM, May 5, 2010   |    comments
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By Mike Garrity

KSDK -- Charges are pending against a St. Louis man who led police on a two-state chase Wednesday afternoon.

The man is accused of pushing a pregnant woman out of a moving vehicle during the pursuit.

"According to her she was six to seven months pregnant," said Velda City, Missouri Police Chief Daniel Paulino.

Paulino and St. Louis Police say the man in his twenties pushed his pregnant girlfriend out of a navy Mazda sedan Wednesday afternoon, as he was driving, winding through North St. Louis streets, even onto a sidewalk, all to try and lose police.

Police describe the woman as a "victim," a passenger, who was transported to a local hospital, treated, and later released.

"She landed on some concrete there on the side on Farland where she sustained some injuries to her left knee," said Paulino.

The chase started around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. Police were still looking into why the suspect took off speeding. St. Louis detectives first tried to pull the Mazda over.

Then Woodson Terrace Police gave chase after the Mazda took I-70 into St. Louis County. At one point police say the suspect tried to hit an officer.

So from roughly I-70 at Lucas and Hunt, off into St. Louis neighborhoods, and eventually over into Illinois via I-270, the chase was on, as far as north of Troy, Illinois.

The suspect then made his way back to St. Louis via the M.L.K. Bridge, before eventually parking in front of a home on Harris, where he got out, and tried to hide. Eva Miller lives down the street, and watched Wednesday afternoon as police arrived.

"Cops got out and they were running, pulling guns, and cars coming everywhere - three or four blocked the street," said Miller.

Where the suspect eventually parked that Mazda was on the street right in front of a house in the 4500 block of Harris where police say the suspect's been living. By 4:15 p.m., the suspect was in custody.

"The helicopters were up in the air and actually the helicopters saw him go into the house - so we were able to get him from that," said St. Louis Police Lt. Jeff Souders.

The suspect's neighbors say it was just a month ago when they last saw police surround the suspect's home. So far there's no word from St. Louis Police about that past incident.

At points during Wednesday's chase police reported speeds of 100 miles an hour.



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