State of Missouri wants to give away $3 million in appliance rebates

12:08 PM, May 6, 2010   |    comments
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KSDK -- The state of Missouri has about $3 million left in its appliance rebate program and it hopes Missourians will take advantage of it.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Director Mark Timpleton was at the Home Depot in Chesterfield Valley to remind consumers about the program. 

The Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program began in mid-April and continues for several months.

Missouri residents who buy an Energy Star appliance may qualify for a $75 to $500 rebate. The appliances include: washers, dishwashers, air source heat pumps, gas furnaces, central air conditioning, gas water heaters and solar water heaters.

Timpleton said people must also be 18 years or older and be the owner of the property, but renters can get them too.

More than 500 retailers across the state are participating. 

Click here to find out more about the program and to reserve your rebate.


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