May 10, 1965: 14 interns hired for Homer G. Phillips Hospital

11:42 AM, May 10, 2010   |    comments
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Dr. Andrew Spencer

KSDK -- 45 years ago, Homer G. Phillips Hospital's chief of staff announced that new interns had been hired and that this hospital for African-Americans would not be closing.

The Homer G. Phillips Hospital opened in February of 1937 to serve St. Louis' black population.

The opening of the facility was considered by many to be the St. Louis black community's greatest community achievement to that date.

In 1964, the hospital had only one intern and there was some worry that the hospital would close in 1965.

But on May 10, 1965, chief of staff Dr. Andrew Spencer announced that he had personally recruited 14 new interns to be added to the hospital's staff. The question of the hospital's impending closure was put to rest.

This video shows an interview with Dr. Spencer regarding his announcement of the newly hired interns.

The Homer G. Phillips Hospital closed in 1979, largely due to desegregation.


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