MDA: 11-year-old shows courage against the 'enemy'

10:15 PM, Aug 30, 2010   |    comments
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By Mike Bush

Scott Air Force Base, IL (KSDK) -- The bravest person inside the gates of Scott Air Force Base doesn't necessarily wear a uniform.

Riding a bike is easy for most kids Camdyn Rice's age, but most kids do not have Congenital Muscular Dystrophy.

"I actually never thought Camdyn would ride a bike and so we're pretty proud of him," said Andi Kribs, Camdyn's mom. "He's been in and out of doctors since he was four months old."

MD is a genetic disorder that weakens the muscles that help the body move.

"It's where your muscles aren't as strong as some other people's," said Camdyn.

But what the disease cannot touch is a person's inner strength.

When 11-year-old Camdyn is not getting exercise on his bike, you can usually find him exercising his mind.

"He loves reading. He goes into his room and all he wants to do is read," said his stepfather, Senior Airman Kole Kribs.

Camdyn and Kole also love playing video games together.

"We're buddies," Kribs said.

It's been an especially good summer because for the first time in three years, Kribs is at home instead of the Middle East.

"He was helping guard the Army and everything when he was over there," Camdyn said.

Adds Kribs: "It was hard to be away from the family."

When you've been to Iraq, you understand what courage is all about and now that he's home, Kribs' sees it every day.

"He's my hero," he said.

"We all wish there was a cure; something to help him get stronger. I hope he out lives me. Not the other way around," saids Camdyn's mom.

That cure has not been found yet but researchers and doctors with the Muscular Dystrophy Association said they're getting closer every day. In the meantime, MDA's goal is to make life a little easier for patients and their families.

"Anything we need they say call us," said Kribs.

So Camdyn will continue to be a self-confessed instigator with his two younger sisters.

"I try to cause trouble sometimes," he said.

But he'll face every day, like so many others on this base, unafraid of the enemy.


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