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Self-proclaimed 'superhero' has nose broken on patrol

9:56 PM, Jan 12, 2011   |    comments
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Phoenix Jones

Seattle, WA (CNN) -- It's not a bird, or a plane, and it certainly isn't Superman. It's Phoenix Jones, a self-proclaimed superhero, who has been patrolling the streets fighting crime in the greater Seattle area. You would think police would love this anonymous ally. But after the costumed crime fighter had a gun put to his head and suffered a broken nose, police would rather Jones hang up his mask and costume.

Phoenix Jones calls himself a crime fighter. He's the man who dresses up and patrols the streets at night.

"I endanger my life with a reason and a purpose," Jones said.

But a man held him at gunpoint Saturday night while another kicked him and broke his nose.

And now police said enough is enough. They said someone's going to end up dead.

"Don't insert yourself into those situations. If you see something, call 911," said Det. Mark Jamieson, Seattle Police Department.

It happened in Seattle's Bell Town.

"They were all swearing at each other and like about to fight," a witness said.

Phoenix Jones broke up the brawl and then one of the guys turned on him.

"He starts swinging on me and starts an altercation with me," Jones said.

So Phoenix called 9-1-1, put the guy in a hold and waited for police to arrive. Seconds later, Phoenix said another man pulled a gun and pointed it at him.

The masked vigilante claims it's no big deal. But what happened here the other day is exactly what police were afraid was going to happen.

"They insert themselves into a potentially volatile situation and then they end up being victimized as well," Det. Jamieson said.

Police worry Phoenix Jones' recent taste of fame has pushed him to put himself in harm's way. But Phoenix claims none of that motivates him.

"You know, I train for these situations. I don't just come out willy-nilly and just run on the streets," Jones said.

After looking down the barrel of a gun, however, police hope he stops before it is too late.

Police said it isn't illegal to put on a costume and patrol the streets. However, they said it could be dangerous and they advise people to just call the cops when they see something.


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