Some Coke products pulled for off taste

12:31 PM, Mar 4, 2011   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) -- Coca-Cola has asked retailers to remove some of its products from store shelves in the St. Louis-area because they have a "slight off taste."

Kevin Morris, from Coca-Cola, said the off taste is due to minerals in the water and there is no health concerns.  THey said it happened during a very limited period of time at the Maryland Heights facility.

Coca-Cola is not asking customers to return the product.

Morris said they are taking the products off the shelves because "Coca-Cola has a commitment to the highest quality standards."

The soft drinks impacted include Coke Classic, Diet Coke, and Cherry Coke but it's not all of those products - only certain cans and bottles. Both cans, and a few bottles are included.

The product concern applies to retailers across the region.

Shop'n Save has declined to comment.


Dierbergs said it is removing the following products because of the off taste:

Coke Classic, 24pk cans
UPC#: 49000-01278
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code OCT3111SLD

Coke Classic, 8pk 12oz bottles
UPC#: 49000-00548
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code APR1111SLF

Coke Classic, 20pk cans
UPC#: 49000-01463
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code OCT3111SLA

Diet Coke, 12pk cans
UPC#: 49000-02891
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code MAY0211SLF

Coke Classic, 6pk 12oz cans
UPC#: 49000-00634
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code OCT3111SLF & OCT3111SLA

Diet Coke, 2 liter bottles
UPC#: 49000-05010
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code MAY0211SLF

Coke Classic, 12pk cans
UPC#: 49000-02890
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code OCT3111SLF & OCT3111SLA

Cherry Coke, 12pk cans
UPC#: 49000-03103
LOTS: Optimum Taste Code OCT3111SLD

Dierbergs said customers may return affected products purchased at their stores for a full refund.


Schnucks Director of Communications Lori Willis said they received word from Coca-Cola partners of a market withdrawl on March 3.

The products involved have the following UPC and OTC codes:

Cherry Coke 12pk cans -- UPC: 4900003103 -- OTC: OCT3111SLD

Coke Classic 24pk cans --UPC: 4900001278 -- OTC: OCT3111SLD

Coke Classic 20pk cans -- UPC: 4900001463 -- OTC: OCT3111SLA

Coke Classic 6 pk 12ox cans -- UPC: 4900000634 --

Coke Classic 12pk cans -- UPC: 4900002890 --

Coke Classic 8pk 12oz bottles -- UPC: 4900000548 --

Diet Coke 12pk cans -- UPC: 4900002891 --

Diet Coke 2 liter bottles -- UPC: 4900005010 -- OTC: MAY0211SLF

Customers who purchased the pulled products from Schnucks, may return it to their nearest Schnucks store for an exchange or full refund.


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